Secrets for Faster Tattoo Healing

Plenty of us will admit that tattoos can hurt quite a bit. What else can you expect from getting poked thousands of times by a needle? The day-by-day tattoo healing process is no joke either. 

Believe it or not, though, there are ways to speed it up. That doesn’t mean your tattoo will heal within a day—as much as you may wish that was possible—but that does mean you can potentially reduce the healing period to as little as 2 weeks. How? Let’s start with the days before the needle touches your skin.

Prepping Before Getting a Tattoo

Shaving is key, according to If you’re not used to shaving every part of your body, you should start shaving the area you want tattooed weeks before. Waxing may be even more beneficial. The point is to avoid those pesky, painful shaving bumps. You’ll want your skin as smooth and soft as possible before the ink goes in. 

Another, lesser known, step involves your sleeping schedule. Your body is going to need all the help it can get to stay energized during your session. Even if you’re only getting a small tattoo on your wrist, you’ll need a good night’s rest the day before. 

Anything to boost your immune system helps, including staying away from alcohol and caffeine for a few days. 

Wrapping Your Tattoo – Yes or No?

There’s various techniques for healing tattoos. Some people swear by letting your tattoo heal dry without moisturizers. However, there’s no ifs, ands, or buts when it comes to letting your tattoo breathe after you take off the initial wrap. 

Your tattoo artist will typically wrap the tattoo for you to make sure your clothes don’t rub off on the fresh ink. Usually, people will take the tattoo wrap off after the first night. The sooner you let it breathe, though, the better. 

You’ll know it’s safe to take the wrap off once you see plasma and blood blossoming in the skin, according to It’s not pretty, but it will save you a lot of time to give it plenty of air. Try not to leave it bandaged for more than 8 hours.

How Our Tattoo Ointment Helps

Moisturizing is one thing, but tattoo aftercare ointments will make a huge difference in your tattoo healing experience. Avoid anything containing petroleum or synthetic fragrances. While petroleum seems like the perfect thickness and texture to soothe your pain, it’s actually too thick and will slow down your tattoo healing time

That’s why natural ointments like our tattoo ointment are designed to quickly seep into your skin for proper healing, providing moisture and cooling relief. Our tattoo ointment is also made with beeswax and tocopherol. Both ingredients offer an additional layer of protection for your healing skin. 

You can’t control every part of the process, especially if you’re allergic to certain ink colors. However, prepping, exposure, and a proper aftercare ointment will give you the building blocks you need for an—almost—painless tattoo aftercare experience.