Tattoo Moisturizing Aftercare with Grapeseed Oil

Natural skincare is all the rage now, for good reason. More people have woken up to the damage that synthetics and parabens can do to your skin and, more specifically, how they affect tattoo healing. Whether your body is decked out in ink from head to toe—or you have one beloved arm tattoo that you can’t help but show off—you want to keep your ink moisturized constantly. 

So which moisturizer should you get? As far as natural skincare goes, grapeseed oil ranks as one of the best natural oils you can use to moisturize tattoos, and here’s why:

What Grapeseed Oil Does for Healing Tattoos and More

On its own, grapeseed oil—also known as Vitis Vinifera—has plenty of uses outside of daily skincare. According to, it’s loaded with antioxidants, and it can potentially improve your cardiovascular health. For wounds, it reduces swelling. 

More importantly, unlike other oils, it doesn’t clog your pores—which definitely slows down the day-by-day tattoo healing process. It’s even high in vitamin E and omega fatty acids. Krissy Brady, a consistent contributor to sites like and, cites that it can be used for:

  1. Acne care
  2. Reducing blemishes
  3. Minor UV protection
  4. Reducing lines and wrinkles in the skin
  5. And, of course, reducing inflammation in tattoos

Why Grapeseed Oil Products Can Speed Up Your Tattoo Healing Time

Your tattoo artist should tell you when to take off your wrap so you can let your tattoo breathe. Afterwards, you need to use a lightweight tattoo moisturizer and ointment. Using products with grapeseed oil gives you a better chance at healing your tattoo quickly because they absorb at a faster rate into the skin. This helps other helpful ingredients in the formula, like anti-inflammatories, give you the relief you need. 

Keep in mind: you’ll still need to check that the overall formula is tattoo friendly.

For any tattoo aftercare product, absorbability is key. Formulas like our Tattoo Lotion are made with grapeseed oil, but they’re also designed with just the right amount of thickness. Lotions that are too thick can do more harm than good in the beginning, even though they feel luxurious. 

Ingredients to Watch Out for On Sensitive Tattoos

If you’re planning on using pure grapeseed oil, it’s important to check how the oil was manufactured. We recommend examining the label or the website to see if the oil was expeller-pressed instead of processed. You can also look at the product information to check if it involved a chemical called hexane in the manufacturing process. cites that hexane is incredibly harsh, both for the digestive system and the skin.

In short, using quality grapeseed oil on your new tattoo helps reduce inflammation, gives you a bit of protection against UV damage, and loads your skin with the antioxidants it needs to properly heal. Tattoo aftercare products should contain only the best natural ingredients, like grapeseed oil, to save you the headache of complications in the future.