All That You Need to Know About Ombre Brows

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A common consensus among all permanent makeup artists in Largo Florida has been that in recent times, permanent makeup has gained even more popularity. 

A lot of people are now enhancing their beauty through treatments such as powder and ombre brows. This growing popularity is thanks to the fact that permanent makeup offers far more benefits than traditional makeup. 

If you are considering ombre brows, read on to discover everything there is to know about its benefits, the actual treatment, and the healing process. 

Ombre brows and powder brows

Ombre and powder brows are forms of permanent makeup, applied using machines that add pigment to one’s skin to appear as beautifully shaped and groomed brows.

Ombre brows, create a sharper and more defined style of brows. Permanent makeup artists achieve this defined appearance by skillfully employing a dense and heavier shading technique, which successfully imparts a dark and polished look. This permanent brow makeup is ideal for individuals looking for slightly bolder brows.  

Great for oily skin

If you happen to have large pores and oily skin, have trouble applying makeup, and find microblading results don’t last very long, then powder and ombre brow treatments can be just what you are looking for. 

Treatment process  

The process starts with an assessment of your natural brows. This is done to determine what their natural shape is and what shape will be ideal for them.

Next, your new shape will be mapped and any asymmetry will be corrected. Once you are satisfied with the shape, your technician will have you choose pigments. Your skin tone, your natural hair color, and your preference will be considered. 

Finally, your brows will be created using a machine that gently vibrates to deposit pigment on your skin. 

Healing process

Typical healing time is around 14 days. Till a few hours after the treatment, there will be soreness, redness, and swelling. Your skin will also feel dry and itchy for about a week and your brows may look patchy. However, this will soon heal and your beautiful brows will emerge.   


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