Tattoo Etiquette: What to Know Before and During Your Appointment


Getting a tattoo is an “oh-so exciting” journey. Whether it’s your first time or you’re adding to your collection, understanding proper tattoo etiquette can make the experience smoother and more enjoyable for you and your artist. Here’s a guide on how to prepare, what to expect, and how to interact respectfully with your tattoo artist.

Preparing for Your Tattoo Session

Research Your Tattoo Artist

Choosing the right artist is crucial. Look for Tattoo Artists in Largo, Florida like Ink Godz Tattoo 2,or Ink Godz Tattoos in St Petersburg, who may specialize in the style you want. Browse their portfolios to check out their previous work, read reviews online, and ask for recommendations. Trusting your artist’s expertise will give you peace of mind.

Know What You Want

Realizing what type of design you want is the first step.  Bring reference images and be open to your artist’s suggestions. They know how to make your design fit your body perfectly. Remember, this is a collaboration.

Take Care of Your Body

Don’t let your excitement get in the way of a good night’s sleep. Also, make sure to have a healthy meal before your appointment. Avoid alcohol and drugs. Staying hydrated is also important. Your body needs to be in good shape to handle the stress of getting a tattoo.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

The Consultation

Your artist will discuss the design, placement, and size with you. Inquire about any doubt, concern, and curiosity you may have, from the expert. Be honest about your pain tolerance and any medical conditions.

The Tattoo Process

Your artist will clean and shave the area if necessary. They’ll then transfer the stencil onto your skin. Once you’re happy with the placement, the tattooing begins. The process can take a few minutes to several hours, depending on the complexity of the design.

Pain Management

Tattoos can be painful, but it’s usually manageable. Stay relaxed and breathe steadily. Taking breaks is okay, but frequent interruptions can prolong the session. Trust your artist’s judgment on when to take breaks.

Interacting Respectfully with Your Artist

Be Punctual

Arrive on time for your appointment. Tattoo artists have busy schedules, and being late can disrupt their day. If you need to reschedule, give plenty of notice.

Follow the Studio’s Rules

Every studio has its own set of rules. Respect them. This includes hygiene practices, payment policies, and aftercare instructions. Following these rules ensures a smooth experience for everyone.

Respect the Artist’s Time and Space

Tattooing is an art form that requires concentration. Avoid bringing large groups of friends. A quiet and focused environment helps your artist do their best work. If you bring a friend, make sure they respect the studio’s atmosphere.

Communicate Effectively

During the session, communicate if you’re uncomfortable or need a break. However, avoid excessive talking as it can be distracting. If you have questions, wait for a natural pause in the process.

Aftercare is Crucial

Listen to Aftercare Instructions

Your artist will give you specific aftercare instructions. Follow them diligently to ensure proper healing and you may want to consider investing in Aftercare Products like those offered by Ink Godz Tattoos. Improper aftercare can lead to infections and ruin the tattoo.

Avoid Direct Sunlight and Water

Keep your new tattoo out of direct sunlight and avoid soaking it in water. This helps prevent fading and infections. Follow the guidelines on when it’s safe to resume normal activities.

Monitor Healing Progress

Don’t be scared but be alert! If you notice an excessive redness, swelling, or pus, do not wait but rush to a doctor. These are the most common signs of infection. If you notice anything unusual, contact your artist or a medical professional. Your tattoo needs some healing and it requires proper care.

Permanent Makeup Etiquette

Choose a Skilled Artist

Just like tattoos, permanent makeup requires skill and precision. Look for Permanent Makeup Artists in Largo, Florida like A1Aesthetics at Ink Godz Tattoo 2 that have a strong portfolio. They should be experienced in the specific procedure you want.

Follow Pre-Procedure Guidelines

Your artist will provide pre-procedure guidelines. Follow them carefully to ensure the best results. This might include avoiding certain medications or products.

Understand the Procedure

Undergoing the tattoo or permanent makeup in Largo, FL process can be a significant change. Make sure you understand the process and the commitment involved. Ask questions until you have clear route with best results.


These tattoo etiquette helps you to gain a smooth and enjoyable experience. By preparing properly and respecting your artist’s time and expertise, you’ll walk away with a beautiful piece of art that you can be proud of.

Ready to get your next tattoo? Book an appointment with the Ink Godz Tattoos today and bring your vision to life!

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