Some Common Reasons Why People Get Tattoos

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Most tattoo artists working at the tattoo shops St Petersburg will tell you that different people get tattoos for different reasons. For some tattoos are a form of self-expression, while for others they are a means of keeping a loved one’s memory alive. For yet others, tattoos are trendy and they get them to be part of the trend. 

If you are considering getting a tattoo and wondering if others get tattooed for the same reason as you, you will surely enjoy learning about some of the common reasons why people get tattoos. Let’s explore these reasons below. 

For aesthetics

Recently, some people, especially women, are getting tattoos in the form of makeup. Such tattoos are known as permanent makeup and have gained popularity in the form of eyeliner, eyebrow makeup, and lipstick. Women get these tattoos to enhance their beauty and save time on applying these products every day. The tattooing process is carried out not solely by tattoo artists but by the professional permanent makeup artists Largo Florida at Ink Godz Tattoo.  

For body image

Tattoos, a form of body modification, allow individuals to transform their body image and present themselves in a desired way. For instance, when individuals get tattoos to cover up, modify, or incorporate their scars, they develop positive feelings regarding their bodies. These positive feelings in turn have a positive impact on their mental health. 

For the love of art

Not all tattoos are for self-expression, as some individuals get them to showcase their love for design and art. Tattoos can be an excellent extension of one’s style and taste. Hence, they are used to display one’s tastes and liking in art and transform one’s body into a piece of art. 

For going against societal norms

Many free spirits use body art like scarification, tattoos, and piercings to go against established societal norms, which they may feel are oppressive or harmful. If they belong to a certain group, they may use their tattoo to showcase their affiliation and stand apart from the broader society.   

For fashion 

Tattoos have also emerged as a form of fashion accessory. In fact, unlike in the past, nowadays, tattooed individuals are also being given modelling opportunities in the fashion industry.  

Tattoos are similar to hair, makeup, and clothing in that they allow us to express our sense of style and communicate it in a strictly visual manner. 

For finding community

For many people, tattoos are a means to celebrate their culture and identity. They can get tattoos that show which community they come from and as a result, connect with other similar people. 

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