Choosing Your Tattoo Placement Made Easy


Tattoo enthusiasts perceive the human body as a canvas dedicated to self-expression. Hence, the tattoo artists in Largo Florida are aware of the trust placed in them when clients task them with creating custom works of art on their bodies. However, both parties know that human skin is nothing like canvas. 

In addition, unlike canvas paintings, art on human skin cannot be put away. This art becomes a part of the person and their identity, which is why they must love it. A key factor that can make someone love or hate their tattoo is its placement. So, if you are having trouble deciding your tattoo’s placement, read on to make choosing easy. 

Determine your tattoo’s visibility

Visible tattoos may be frowned upon in your profession. Additionally, you may not want an explicit tattoo to be visible to all. So, before all else consider your tattoo’s visibility.  

A tattoo is a lifelong commitment, hence when determining visibility consider its subject material. You will never mind showing off or talking about a tattoo that has sentimental value. Conversely, you may not always want to show or explain why you got certain popular, funny, or odd designs that may lose their relevance over time. 

Unfortunately, even today, people judge others based on their tattoos. So, consider your career goals beforehand, as certain tattoos are unacceptable in certain settings. A visible large hand tattoo vs. a concealed tattoo on your arm will affect your career differently. 

Decide according to your design’s appearance 

Different people have different builds and hence the same tattoos look vastly different on different parts of our bodies. Once you know what tattoo you want, visit the various tattoo shops St Petersburg and inquire about how it will fit and look on different parts of your body.  

Some designs are versatile in that they look flattering irrespective of where they are placed. Flowers look amazing on shoulder blades, calves, and the curve of one’s waist. Other designs, however, look good only in certain places. For instance, a string of beads looks better wrapped around a wrist as opposed to drawn flat across an arm or torso.   

Harmony with other tattoos 

If you already have or plan on getting other designs, you must consider how this tattoo will look beside or among your other tattoos. Your tattoo artist will help you balance all your designs provided you let them know beforehand. For instance, to ensure harmonious placement, a large tattoo on your right arm can be balanced with an expansive tattoo on your left hip.  


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